The Hotel

The Hotel

The Hotel is located in a beautiful 100-year-old Templer building with views over the Bay on the one side and of the Carmel center on the other. It is the green that surrounds you, the pulse of the city beyond. It’s the personal and precise service, the stylish chic, the pampering guest rooms, the meticulous attention to the smallest detail.
This is Carmella – a boutique hotel in the heart of the Carmel offering a unique hospitality experience. Every minute detail in the Hotel was chosen and positioned with great love – from the wide beds in the guest rooms, through to the original works of art on the walls, and the tables in the café.
Couples or individual guests, on holiday or on business trips – Carmella will make sure that your stay in Haifa will be a perfect one. A wonderful breakfast with which to start your day, a quiet place to return to in the evening and in between, a green and calming courtyard, beautiful design, the perfect location all set in the magical ambience that only the City of Haifa knows how to create.


The Carmella Hotel is located in a historic building in the heart of the Carmel at 130 HaTishbi Street. Adjacent to the Hotel is Haifa’s verdant Gan Ha’Em (The Mother’s Garden). Nearby HaNassi Boulevard will lead guests to several of the city’s main attractions – the Louis Promenade overlooking the exquisite Bahai Gardens and offering breathtaking views across the Bay. The Auditorium, Cinematheque and Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art are also all within walking distance, as are new music clubs, trendy restaurants and bars, and more.
Whichever way you turn, you’ll discover something that is unique to Haifa. Carmella is the perfect location from which to enjoy all the city has to offer, and as a starting point for strolling its streets, alleys and secret corners. A short journey away you’ll find the Hadar and the Downtown Precinct, which is undergoing regeneration. Don’t miss the beautiful German Colony neighbourhood, and the Port Complex, which in the evening hours turns into a lively entertainment and cultural area.
The Carmella team will be happy to guide you on how to get up and down this multi-layered city, and direct you to an interesting exhibition, concert, or the perfect spot to enjoy a glass of wine.


You’ll feel the ambience of Carmella Hotel even before you enter its doors. It’s as if the beautiful building, built at the start of the 20th century by the Templer settlers, is telling guests to slow down their pace, if only a little.
This is the moment to take a look at the precision of the architecture of that period, and to note the meticulous preservation work carried out on the structure. The café in the Hotel spills out onto the terrace, and serves as a meeting point between the interior and the exterior.
On the walls hang the artworks in wood created by Tamara Morgenstern, a Haifa-born artist who specializes in restoration and preservation. But beyond the design, the original and restored pieces of furniture, the oasis of calm and greenery, Carmella offers a personal, warm and attentive hospitality experience. A sense of home away from home, of relaxed elegance that celebrates everything that is good and beautiful in life.
Helping to set the ambience, are the members of the Hotel’s dedicated professional team, who know all the secrets of the city, and are available to share them with you 24 hours a day.


Carmella’s breakfast are served at:

  • Cafein CAFE, which is 5 mins walking distance from the hotel (Hannasi Blv 125), from 7:00-11:00, the café is not kosher.
  • Mandarin CAFE, which is also 5 mins walking distance from the hotel (Hannasi Blv 129), from 8 :30-11:00, the café is not kosher.

*You can book the room with or without breakfast.